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 Sonic Heroes (....)

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PostSubject: Sonic Heroes (....)   Sonic Heroes (....) I_icon_minitimeFri May 07, 2010 8:08 pm

Sonic Heroes

Sonic Heroes (....) 334326ps_500h

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Sega published a version of the 3D action adventure game Sonic Heroes for the PC in North America. Originally released for the Xbox, PlayStation 2, and GameCube, Sonic Heroes follows Sega's signature game character as he teams up with Knuckles, Tails, and others to defeat his archnemesis, Dr. Eggman. Players can configure different teams of characters, each of which will follow its own storyline over 14 massive stages. Sonic Heroes for the PC is rated "E" for Everyone.

Sonic Heroes (....) Sonic_heroes_pc_35

Sonic Heroes is a platforming video game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, developed by Sonic Team USA and released in 2003 and 2004 for multiple platforms. The game follows four teams of three characters, each of which has a unique subplot, and as Doctor Eggman begins another attempt at global domination, each team follows a separate path to stop him. This game differs from other Sonic games by allowing the player to take control of each of three characters of a particular team, each member of which has a unique ability, that of speed, power, or flight.

The title received mixed to good reviews, according to games aggregates websites. Positive points noted include a gameplay style similar to the series' 2D roots, and the game's vibrant environments and graphics; negative points raised include the camera system, some level design issues, and the game's voice acting. Nevertheless, the game sold well, and entered the "best-sellers" series for each of the three consoles Xbox, GameCube, PS2 and the PC

Sonic Heroes (....) Heroes_screen008


Sonic Heroes initially sees Sonic off running around the world looking for adventure. Joining up with his friends Tails and Knuckles, who give him a message from Dr. Eggman stating that he will take over the world in three days, Team Sonic is formed and the classic trio head off to stop Eggman's latest plan. But they are not alone on this endeavor, as other characters from the series form their own teams to find Eggman first. The Chaotix detective agency has been hired by an unknown client to find the Doctor, and they take on the name Team Chaotix. Rouge finds Shadow (who was presumably dead) and awakes Omega unknowingly; after a short fight, Rouge decides they should team up to find Eggman and become Team Dark. Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit, and Big the Cat team up to find Cream's Chao Chocola, Big's Froggy, and Sonic, believing this all to be connected with Eggman. The player must control their chosen team to complete each stage, defeat Eggman's robots, and complete boss battles against Eggman himself, as well as defeat the other teams that have formed and stand in their way of finding Eggman first.

As each team reaches the final stage and defeat Eggman, they finally meet together and discover that the enemy they have been chasing is not Eggman, but is actually Metal Sonic, disguised as Eggman; the Doctor himself has been locked away, and Team Chaotix discovers that Eggman was their mysterious client. The teams come together to battle Metal Sonic in its large, robotic form (called Metal Madness first, and later Metal Overlord when his transformation is complete), before Team Sonic transforms into its members' Super Forms and defeat Metal Sonic (as Metal Overlord), who returns to his original form. In the aftermath, Team Chaotix chases after Eggman, who is attempting to sneak away in order to avoid paying Team Chaotix their reward. Sonic and Tails leave, and Amy chases them. Rouge says she will look for someone else's treasure, while Knuckles chases after her. Shadow and Omega pick up the body of Metal Sonic, and in the end, Team Sonic goes off on their next adventure.

* wonderfull and colorfull graphics
* 3 big levels
* interestig story
* great gameplay
* 3 difficult levels

Sonic Heroes (....) Sonic-heroes-5

System Requirements:
- CPU: 600 MHz
- RAM: 128 Mb
- System: WIN 98/Me/XP
- DirectX: 9.0 or higher


Sonic Heroes (....) Click10

Enjoy !!!!!

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Sonic Heroes (....)
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