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 Age Of Conan - Hyborian Adventures

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PostSubject: Age Of Conan - Hyborian Adventures   Age Of Conan - Hyborian Adventures I_icon_minitimeSat May 01, 2010 3:11 am

Age Of Conan - Hyborian Adventures

Age Of Conan - Hyborian Adventures Lq07uw1vj68rghgsz2d

MU | RS | 17 GB

* Beautiful, immersive world
* Find hidden clues to solve puzzles
* Uncover a dark mystery!
* EU Version

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures', winner of multiple E3 awards as the best game in its genre and one of the most anticipated PC games currently in development, is an Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMO) set in the fantastic Conan universe as created by Robert E. Howard. In "Conan" the players will encounter a brutal, lush, violent and sinful universe, presented in fantastic graphics and stunning 7.1 surround audio.

In a world filled with cruel gods, mythical creatures, lost civilizations and a struggling human race, the mighty barbarian has finally seized the throne as king of Aquilonia. But Conan's rule is on the brink of chaos, spiraling towards the doom of ancient evils. In this twisted fantasy world, dark magic and brutal combat lurk around every corner, and each man and woman must carve their own unique destiny under Conan's reign. In the true vision of Robert E. Howard's dark universe it's now time for you to become a messenger of death.

Age Of Conan - Hyborian Adventures 0p1q3b59il0vxcnkw8a4

Enter the true Conan experience - The first official Conan MMO sends you on a brutal journey in the footsteps of the worlds' greatest fantasy hero. Meet Conan's friend and foes, battle demons and monsters known from 70 year of Conan history, and step up to the ultimate challenge and befriend the mighty king Conan himself.

* Explore the world of Conan - Enter a gigantic and unique gameworld containing more than 30 distinct regions spread across the three mighty nations of Aquilonia, Cimmeria and Stygia. Explore deep jungles, burning deserts, inhospitable mountains, vast valleys, dark dungeons or gleaming cities, and take part in an incredible journey of exploration and adventure.

* Real Combat Engine - Experience Funcom's revolutionary Real Combat engine, and fight mounted or on the ground. A new multi-point melee system allows the players to swing their weapons where they direct it, in real-time, going head-on against the formulaic nature of MMO combat. The Real Combat engine also allow players to team up in battle formations and command both NPC's and other players in epic multiplayer battles, as well as giving you the chance to participate in massive sieges.

* Single-player vs. massively multiplayer - Emerge as a hero from a story-driven single-player experience and embark into even greater adventures in the pure massively multiplayer part of the game. The branching single-player story is created by the award-winning writers behind The Longest Journey, Dreamfall and Anarchy Online so expect something extraordinary.

* PvP and PvE- Meet the ultimate resistance in human opponents, and enjoy crushing the skulls of fellow players in mini-games, sieges, arena fights and drunken brawls. Charge into the world of Conan, and fight monsters and demons alone or in groups.

* Extensive guild and solo gameplay - Form guilds in the multiplayer game and lay siege to hostile castles. Let the catapults sing their merry song of death as the enemy is brutally crushed to a pulp. Team up with other players in large guilds, and explore a large range of social gameplay opportunities. 'Conan' also offers extensive solo gaming opportunities, taking you through an amazing single-player journey and deep into the lands of Hyboria.

* Varied gameplay - Besides bringing the most brutal experience ever seen in a MMO, Conan also promises to deliver what all fans of MMOs love and enjoy. Vast character customization opportunities, a deep character creation, lots of social opportunities, crafting, a deep and fun RPG system, exciting classes and player-made cities are but a few ingredients in this powerful RPG.

* Amazing graphics - 'Conan' takes graphics in to a new level! With the latest and greatest in technology and an amazing art direction the graphics in 'Conan' immerses you into a world as never before seen in any online fantasy universe.

* Stunning Sounds - Listen to a powerful and epic soundtrack in 7.1 surround. Hear gripping voices recorded by professional actors, and enjoy a dynamic soundscape bringing players to the edge of their seats

* A story to die for - 'Age of Conan' delivers a brutal, mature and compelling storyline that will send you headlong on a journey of brutality, intrigue and depth. Mixing the finest of storytelling with the open-ended approach, 'Conan' delivers a rare and special story experience.

* The first mature game - In the true and barbaric vision of Robert E. Howard, 'Age of Conan' promises to bring mature online players something dark, new and refreshing. This is no cartoony fairytale, 'Conan' is made by grown-ups, for grown-ups, giving online gamers the chance to unleash the ultimate havoc and fury.

Age Of Conan - Hyborian Adventures Age-of-conan-hyborian-adventures-20090128025306387_640w

System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 1.0 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
DirectX: 8.0 and above
Hard Drive: 199 MB

Age Of Conan - Hyborian Adventures 41ravyerevf9mn39dme6

The below version is Extract & Play .. Full Version Of course , and it avoids the hassle of installation etc and u can play online also if u have the legit key ..

You cant play online if u dont have the valid key, but if u have , u can play play online by entering ur legit key while starting the game ...

Age Of Conan - Hyborian Adventures Age-of-conan-hyborian-adventures-20090624062938594_640w


Developer of Conan: Hyborian Advetures has begun work on a Xbox 360 version of the much anticapted MMO. Originally slated for a PC release only, Conan is the next MMO in hopefully a long line of MMO’s to hit a console. Developer of the game Funcom is most recently known for the release of Dreamfall: The Longest Journey.

Conan has already won ‘Best MMO of E3′ awards from IGN, GameSpot, GameSpy and Yahoo for it’s PC version of the game. No release date for the 360 version has been set as of yet.


Age Of Conan - Hyborian Adventures Click10

Enjoy !!!!!

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Age Of Conan - Hyborian Adventures
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