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 Last Bronx

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PostSubject: Last Bronx   Last Bronx I_icon_minitimeSat May 01, 2010 12:16 am

Last Bronx - PC Game

Last Bronx Last_bronx_saturn_jap

39 MB | Multiupload

Last Bronx is a 3D fighting game developed by Sega-AM3 on the Sega Model 2 mainboard. This is one of the first motion captured weapon fighting game released in Japanese game centers in 1996, the other was Soul Edge. Home versions, shortened to Last Bronx, were produced for contemporary Sega game console and Windows systems.

In Japan, the Last Bronx was novelized and serialized into comics and radio drama. A VHS video documenting the motion capture process used for the game and introducing the characters was released in 1996. A year later, Takashi Shimizu directed the live-action movie (V-Cinema). On June 29, 2006, Sega released Tokyo Bangaichi on PlayStation 2 as a tenth anniversary celebration.

Main Characters:
The game has the following main characters:

* Yusaku Kudo is the 19-year-old boss of street-gang "Neo-Soul" from Haneda airport. His preferred weapon is a metal sansetsukon; his in-game alternate weapon was a Shinkansen scale model.

* Joe Inagaki is the 23-year-old boss of the "Shinjuku Mad" gang from Shinjuku. His preferred weapons are metal nunchaku; his in-game alternate weapons are corn ears.

* Saburo Zaimoku is the 26-year-old boss of the "Katsushika Dumpsters" gang from Katsushika. Zaimoku's preferred weapon is the hammer; his in-game alternate weapon is a frozen tuna.

* Toru Kurosawa is the 25-year-old boss of the "Roppongi Hard Core Boys" gang from Roppongi. Kurosawa's preferred weapon is the bokuto (a wooden sword); his in-game alternate weapon is a folding fan.

* Nagi Hojo is the 23-year-old boss of the "Dogma" gang from the Rainbow Bridge area of Tokyo. Nagi's preferred weapon is the sai; her in-game alternate weapon is a spoon and fork.

* Yoko Kono is the 20-year-old boss of the "G-Troops" gang from the Tokyo subways. Yoko's preferred weapon is a wooden tonfa; her in-game alternate weapons are umbrellas.

* Ken Kono was the co-founder and former boss of the "G-Troop" gang. After refusing the Redrum challenge, Redrum badly injured him in a fire, and his anger made him mad and evil. Eventually, he was turned into Red Eye and himself became an agent for the mysterious Redrum ("Murder" backward) organization. In Yoko's ending, he is beaten by his sister Yoko at the tournament's final in the subway. Ken apoligizes and tells his sister the truth, and then dies in her arms. Red Eye's preferred weapon is a metal tonfa; his in-game alternate weapons are chopsticks and broiled sauries.

* Hiroshi "Tommy" Tomiie is the 18-year-old boss of the "Helter Skelter" gang from Shibuya. Tommy's preferred weapon is the Bō (a long pole); his in-game alternate weapon is a deck brush. Tommy's stage, "Cross Street", features a Sonic mascot which is Sega Shibuya Game Center's logo.

* Lisa Kusanami is the 17-year-old leader of the "Orchids" music-band (and gang) from the moonlight garden in Takeshiba Passenger Ship Terminal. The youngest playable character, she is 159 cm tall and weighs 45 kg. Her measurements are 83-58-85. Lisa's preferred weapon is a double metal stick (aka "Double-sticks"); her in-game alternate weapon is a ladle and spatula.

Screen #1:

Last Bronx 663-1


Each match is a best out of two rounds fight with victory by Knock Out or remaining health at the end of the 30-second time limit. The stages are set in real Tokyo city closed areas without any ring outs. However, fighters can jump on the barriers (and eventually make a disqualifying ring out backflip from there).

Screen #2:

Last Bronx Lastbronx-5

List of releases:


* 1996.XX: Last Bronx ~Tokyo Bangaichi~ (Sega Model 2 ROM) Japan
* 1996.XX: Last Bronx (Sega Model 2 ROM) United States
* 1996.XX: Last Bronx (Sega Model 2 ROM) European Union


* 1998.02: Last Bronx (Windows 95/98 CD-ROM) Japan
* 1998.XX: Last Bronx (Windows 95/98 CD-ROM) United States
* 1998.XX: Last Bronx (Windows 95/98 CD-ROM) European Union


* 1997.07: Last Bronx (Sega Saturn x2 CD-ROM) Japan
* 1997.XX: Last Bronx (Sega Saturn x1 CD-ROM) United States
* 1997.07: Last Bronx (Sega Saturn x1 CD-ROM) European Union
* 2006.06: Sega Ages 2500 Series Vol.24 Last Bronx ~Tokyo Bangaichi~ (PlayStation 2 CD-ROM) Japan

Screen #3:

Last Bronx 202061

Last Bronx cheat Codes:'


1607 ,1584 ,1575 , 1575 ,1604 ,1603 ,1608 ,1583 , 1576 ,1608 ,1575 ,1587 ,1591 ,1577 , : Davidson P.

Redeye can be extremely difficult to beat,but here is an easier way. Pick a person who you are very good with and before you start put the match limit to 1.Now when you are fighting Redeye try hard to keep him on the ground because if he gets you in a throw he won't give you another chance to attack.And if you manage to survive his attack,you
are still in danger because redeye strikes fast,hard,and continusly.

Alternate weapons:

1607 ,1584 ,1575 , 1575 ,1604 ,1603 ,1608 ,1583 , 1576 ,1608 ,1575 ,1587 ,1591 ,1577 , : Dj Simo

Highlight a character at the character selection screen. Now press Start 13 times.
Hold that key down the last time it is pressed and press and hold Block.
Keep both buttons held until the loading screen appears to enable extra

One of the cool features in Last Bronx is to be able to irritate your opponent by taunting him but usually your ass get kicked before u could taunt him.

There are two ways to taunt. Tapping repeatedly on the guard button is one way (the frustrating way) or you could do this (when facing left):

down, down+left, left and start button.

Color select
Just hold start when selecting the character.

Hidden character
To use Redeye, finish the game with hardest difficulty in pc mode. Redeye will apear when you press up in the character select screen.

Special message ?
When a character finishes the game there will be short replays of the character with the people he wasted. Press and hold any button

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista
Memory: 512 MB
DirectX: 8.1
CPU: P1.33 GHz


Last Bronx Click10

Enjoy !!!!!

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Last Bronx
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