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 Abrosoft FantaMorph Deluxe v4.2.3

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PostSubject: Abrosoft FantaMorph Deluxe v4.2.3   Sat May 29, 2010 2:16 am

Abrosoft FantaMorph Deluxe v4.2.3

Multiupload | 8.36 MB

FantaMorph is a superior one-stop morphing software that will empower users with the tools to add unique and exciting visual effects to screen savers, web graphics, advertisements, music videos, movies, educational software, presentations, email, greeting.
Use your amazing morph movies and morphing pictures in countless ways. You won't be disappointed with the professional quality of your FantaMorph projects.
FantaMorph is professional photo-animation software, and yes it's also a valuable and sophisticated toy for personal entertainment. It's just plain fun! Try the coolest image morphing software today and see the magic with your own eyes!

• Play final morphing effects in real time without exporting to a file
• Instanty morph one image into another!, cool animations!
• Add unique pictures & animations to your web site, wallpaper, advertising, presentations, training materials, and cards.
• Create pictures with shadows, reflection, and perspective
• Animations with sound using multiple, textured 3D models on backgrounds with 3D effects
• Animations with moving backgrounds and motion blur effects. 1,100+ models for users to download. Features: import function for VRML models
• 3D rotate, pan, and zoom
• Shaded or polygon display
• User defined transparency, colors, textures, motions, orientations, light position, and sounds
• 3D model editing
• 3D effects for 2D backgrounds
• 4 user selectable picture quality levels
• user definition of depth & orientation for 3D models at arbitrary points on the animation path
• special motion options including closed paths, circular paths, and rotations
• depth specification for elements of backgrounds
• functions for merging up to 30 model motions into realistic 3D movies with user-defined frame counts
• Table driven motion and sound editing.
• Plus much more!


Homepage - http://www.abrosoft.com/

hotfile.com FantaMorph.Deluxe.v4.2.3.rar.html

uploading.com 2f55aa5d/

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Abrosoft FantaMorph Deluxe v4.2.3
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